Analytic-Bolt-Analyis is a bolt calculation program according to VDI 2230 part 1 and part 2. It does not have to be downloaded and installed, but the entries are made directly in the browser.

To start Analytic-Bolt-Analyis simply click on the blue link.

Analytic-Bolt-Analyis calculates the required bolt size and assembly parameters such as assembly torque and angle of rotation on the basis of the entries. The calculation results can be downloaded as a PDF file.

There are three wizards joints:

  • One wizard for eccentric single bolt joints
  • One wizard for axially loaded multibolted joints such as ring and rectangular flanges
  • One wizard for multibolted joints loaded by transverse load.

 The entries of the wizards are converted into a single-bolted joint according to VDI 2230 Part 1

Already made calculations can be imported from the PDF file using Copy-Paste. 

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