BoltCalcPhone is a web app for bolt pre-dimensioning. It is based on the rough calculation according to VDI 2230 part 1 table A7 and own formulas. It does not need to be downloaded and installed, but the input is done directly in the browser.

The size is optimized for smartphones and requires only a few input fields.

To start BoltCalc-Phone simply click on the link with the blue background.

BoltCalc-Phone will calculate the required bolt size and mounting parameters such as the mounting torque and angle if required. 

To add BoltCalc-Phone to the iOS home screen, start it with Safari, then click on the Share button and select "To Home Screen". This will create an icon on your Home screen. When you click the icon, BoltCalcPhone will launch without the controls of Safari. However, it will only work with an Internet connection.

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