Analytic-Bolt-Analysis, BoltCalc-Phone and TorqueCalc-Web are free and only available online.

SWS-Bolt-Analysis is available in the following variants:

  • Unlimited runtime, online (Firefox browser) or local or server installation, price € 1000,-
  • 1 year license online (Firefox browser), no subscription, price € 350,- 
  • 1 month license online (Firefox browser), no subscription, price € 50,-

The license with unlimited duration is available against invoice. If required, a USB stick with the software for local installation or network installation is sent. It is a company license for 1-3 users. More users on request.

The online licenses for one year or one month can be purchased online or by invoice. When starting SWS-Bolt-Analysis you have to register once and only after that the usage period starts. 

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