Tool to create fatigue strength calculations from the results of Soltworks simulation.

Runs as an app in your browser, best use Firefox. Click on "Start SWS-Bolt-Analysis" to the right. Then use the demo button to try it out.

Several load cases can be calculated. Common Wöhler curves are stored. The static bolt safety, the permissible number of load cycles per load case are calculated, the pressures by the operating force and the required screw depth are calculated. If the required number of cycles is entered, the damage to the screw is also calculated as a percentage.

The results of Solidworks Simulation are exported as a CSV file from Solidworks. Then open the file with the text editor and select the results and copy paste them into SWS-Bolt-Analysis. After filling in the input fields, simply create the fatigue strength check. A fatigue strength check with all entries and results can be downloaded as a PDF file.

SWS-Bolt-Analysis is commercial. It can be started as a webapp without installation on my server. There is a version that can be installed locally or in a network on Windows PCs. See Buy. At least one Solidworks Premium license is required.

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